Donations form Donations form the main financial source for financing the activity of the foundation. In order to receive money from most other funds, the obligatory condition is self-financing. Donations can be transferred to the bank account of the congregation and the bank account of the foundation.
EELK Pöide Maarja Kogudus (congregation)
Swedbank  EE292200001120136950.
Swedbank special account (donations and projects)
Swedbank EE232200221039772450
Pöide Maarja Kiriku SA bank account: 
Swedbank  EE492200221054650133
We are very delighted that the majority of donators donate money repeatedly, even on monthly basis. It shows that you consider it important that the church would stand and operate also in the future.Million thanks! We will make public the list of donators but not the sums donated because all donations come from heart. We try to give a short overview of the finances used and each donator has a right to ask what has precisely been done for the money. In the years 2012/2013 the main topic was tidying up the surroundings of the church and for that purpose we purchased some tools. We levelled the earth mounds on the southern side of the church, published a leaflet in Estonian, German, Finnish, English and Russian, introducing the church for the visitors and supporters. In 2014 we organised within the framework of PRIA a project in Levala to restore the stone wall along the road taking to the village and started the maintenance work of the part of the park between the pastorate and the church. In July and August 2014, four young volunteers from Germany, Austria and France, whose main task was to clean the old roof tiles from the church wall worked by the church. The building of the church roof by OÜ Rändmeister financed by the Ministry of Culture was also completed. The restoration of doors and windows was planned in the year 2015. Money from the state budget was received but in addition the importance of donations increased. Support for the restoration of windows came from Saaremaa Knighthood led by Baron Hannsjörg Freytag von Loringhoven,
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Thanks to all donators!


Reet ja Liis Lulla, Tiiu Aro, Enn Eesmaa, Karl Jaago, Hanno Kirschfeldt, Ülle Kruus, Enn Meri, Andres Pitk, Kati Raudla, Andla Rüütel, Kreet Stubender-Lõugas, Anne Untera, Villu Õun.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Kreet-Stubender-Lõugas, Andla Rüütel, Ülle Kruus, Andres Pitk, Karl Jaago, Viljar Saarkoppel, Anne Polli , Marje Aavik, Villu Õun ja Triin Ella.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Triin ja Andrus Alas.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Andres Pitk, Gert Saarse, Andla Rüütel, Reigo Reppo, Kreet Studenberg-Lõugas, Lauri Tamm.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Andla Rüütel, Toomas Rihvk, Andres Pitk, Gert Saarse, Reigo Reppo, Heiki Urbala, Lauri Tamm, Piret Tarto, Enn Tarto, Kreet Studenberg-Lõugas, parun Günther von Maydell, Ülle Kruus, Mihkel Trull, Kairi Trull.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Andla Rüütel, Aldur Järvalt, parun dr. Nicolas von Behr, printsess Felicitas zu Wied, Anne Polli, Marge Toome, Linda Lamothe, Gerry Lamothe, Hannes Lamothe, Väino Ratassepa pere, Tuuli Rasso, Senta Erdmann, Henno Erdmann, Anu Saar, Epp Klooster, Katrin Polli, Evi Klooster, Reena Raudne-Klooster, Jaanus Hellat, Kaja Viilukas, Kristi Abram, Toomas Vaik, Andres Pitk.
Reet ja Liis Lulla, Vello Salo, Helju Piipuu, Enn Meri, Merle Mandre, Ago Soots, Ken Kalling, Epp Alatalu, Andla Rüütel.

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